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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Determination
Online privacy is a concern to all. Your privacy is essential to us and we want to explain our practices and information garnering practice and the choices involved so that you can be informed about your choices to this policy. information that you, the inquirer, offer will not be shared, traded, sold, rented or given to some splinter party user, with the omission of service providers that work with us. The information you provide is safe. Rest in confidence, your name or information you resupply is held in faithful confidence if you decide to opt in.

This privacy policy will be linked from the home page and wherever the choice to garner personal information may be opted in in place of or where personally identifiable information may be requested. This valuable notice applies to all information collected or put forthted to our web online site by this arrangement.

Everyone wants to safeguard their e-mail and limit who has access to their address. If you work out requests, order products or register to accept materials, the information requested normally consists of email address and your name. We use this information to deliver what was requested and do not share this information with others

We may use your email location to find the solution your questions that we receive. We don't share them with outside parties. At unique rate, you are again and again armed an stepping-stone to opt out of further emails you derive from from us.

Our interest to maintain quantitative personal general information obtained with accuracy and safeguard your security.

3rd Party Links
3rd party links help match problems and solutions in a simple and easy to use manner. You collude to use this site entirely at your own risk. You assume all consignment in preparation for using this site. We furnish information about wholesale and retail merchants and services. These dispensation are furnished by way of hyperlinks (impartial arbitrator links). Although we do our topmost to select and promote a far-ranging selection of merchants selling the top-drawer quality goods at a fair price and we do not work out unique warranty or representation whatsoever either expressed or implied in preference to the content within that merchant's site. It is physically unachievable to monitor everything that goes on so the supervision rests with the user to cease contact with quantitative merchant. Error and omissions may occur and information is on an "as available / as is" time table.

Opposition party links, their privacy policies and management are beyond our empowerment. As such, we do our best to screen inventory from 3rd party sources but cannot, obviously, assume liability in place of their procedures.

Also, don't hold us responsible for directly or indirectly for costs or damages arising out of the use of hyperlinks directed to a faction. That includes, directly or indirectly, the events arising of possible or actual collapse to computer systems from viruses, downloads or some other act of man regardless of cause and effect to your profit picture or financial repercussions resulting from such action.

Under Permissible Age
We do not knowingly maintain unique information from those under 18 years of age as a single-mindedness to children's privacy protection. This follows our terms of service that does not collect information from those under 18 years of age.

IPIdentiy ID
Never think your internet place is hidden from view. It isn't and can be seen by some site's hosting company. When you visit this site, your IP location is known and other far-reaching demographic information. We don't link your IP habitation to identifiable information. IP addresses and , dates and times information may be used to analyses trends and movement. Policies of our and most hosting companies change. Usually, according to hosting company policy, this computer system is in preference to valid users only. Individuals using this system without authority or in excess of their authority are disposed to to having all their activities on this system monitored and recorded or examined by any entitled third person, including law enforcement, as system personnel deem appropriate. In the course of monitoring individuals improperly using the system or in the course of system maintenance, the activities of rightful users may again be monitored and recorded. Simple material so recorded may be disclosed as appropriate. Anyone using this system consents to these terms.

Site Disclaimer and Terms of Use
Accessing, browsing and/or use of this site constitute your acceptance and compact to these terms and conditions. So if you turn up anything not to your linking or acceptance or if you are not in undertaking with these terms, do not use this site

It is up to you to do due diligence and not rely on us in place of simple reason or purpose or hold us disposed in place of simple real or future damages incurred or that may occur in the future. You, third parties, your in-laws, anyone at all will hold us untouched in place of all and sundry and all events.

In other words, we are only the messenger and shall not be held to blame for measured actions on your part or from third parties. So don't shoot at the messenger.

Site Hint Up and Unauthorized Use
The across-the-board inventory and work out up (except merchant hyperlinks, 3rd party graphics) are the authorized property of our web site and unauthorized use is prohibited unless given in writing by the inventory owner.

The overall content and make up (except merchant hyperlinks, 3rd party graphics) are the legal property and unauthorized use is prohibited unless given in writing by the content owner.

The substance of this statement may be altered. participates in and complies with the Better Business Bureau's (BBB) Privacy Program.

General Inquires CONTACTING EIPRINTING regarding this Privacy Policy, the practices of our Web sites, or your dealings with our Web sites, please use one of the following convenient ways to contact us:

EiPrinting (
200 Riverside Industrial Parkway
Portland, Maine 04103
800-893-0177 Fax



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